Homemade pano bracket

A friend with machine tools made this pano bracket for me. It is loosely based on the Nodal Samurai. It is designed for travel. It weighs only 22 oz. (600 g.) and can be easily disassembled to make packing easier. Its most important part is the 3.25" (83mm) rotating disk that keeps the spacing between photos the same. I laid out the markings in Illustrator and printed a self-adhesive label, which I protected with clear tape. The disc has solid lines for the 150mm position on my Panasonic GX1 and dots if I want to shoot at 100mm. I mark the left and right limits of the pano with grease pencil on the disk. An electronic shutter release (not shown here) guarantees shake-free pictures. In use, I can take a picture every 7 seconds.

The device shoots in rows. At the end of each row I manually lower the angle, using the markings on the LCD monitor to assure about 30% overlap.